Immersive, Interactive, & Programmable LED Arenas

LASERTRON Arenas are designed to fully immerse players into the game experience. Our arenas transform automatically to the game format selected and autonomously adapt to game play changes as well as react and adjust to what players are doing during game play. All other arenas pale by comparison.

For example, our new LED LT-X3 Arena Controllers work with the Game Computer to control individual Sectors. Each Sector can be a Base, Domination Sector, Headquarter, Hill, Gate, Power-Up Sector, Recharge and Re-Spawn area, and much more. Our Arena Controllers also work with and control our new LED LT-X3 Micro Controllers, LED Light Bars, and LED Light Runners. Each Arena Controller has dual audio outputs and integrates with our arena game displays. Over 20 arena controllers can be integrated into a LASERTRON LED-Illuminated arena.

“I have not had this much fun in 25 years! LASERTRON’s LED arenas coupled with its new game formats just blew me away.  All the audio and visual elements combine to take the laser tag experience to a whole new level. This is a true game changer. I never fully understood the importance of lighting and sound until now...Blacklight arenas are Dead!”

-Marc Mueller, Owner/Operator/Avid Player

Arena Bonus Targets can also be integrated into all LASERTRON game scenarios. In fact even sectors and recharge/re-spawn areas can be transformed into bonus targets for certain types of games.

LASERTRON’s LED-Illuminated Wall Lighting can change colors, pulse, flash, strobe, and react to game play events going on in the arena such as Team in the lead. LED lighting can also be adjusted to be brighter or dimmer depending on the your preferences or even the age range of the players in the arena.

To truly understand why LASERTRON is dramatically better, you have to suit up using LASERTRON’s LT-12.5 game gear while playing LASERTRON’s proprietary game formats in our new Version 4.0 interactive LED-Illuminated arenas. Once you experience the best, you will know exactly why LASERTRON is 10X better than all the rest.

Patent Protected Component Designs

LASERTRON’s newest LED-Illuminated arenas are the most distinctive laser tag arenas in the world. A LASERTRON arena will set you far apart from all the similar looking black light UV painted laser tag arenas on the market today. Even bowling suppliers are selling more and more LED-Illuminated bowling lanes with special effects LED lighting.

LASERTRON is the sole market leader for LED-Illuminated Laser Tag Arenas. With (9) molded arena components and extrusions, we can design the most elaborate and durable LED-Illuminated arenas. No other Arena Supplier has our capabilities.

Your LED Arena Components

LASERTRON LED-Illuminated Arenas look like new for 20+ years

As successful operators already know, the durability of an attraction is very important, but so is the long-term look of the attraction. When an attraction starts to show wear and tear, your customers will notice and their perceived value of the attraction will decline. Whether you spend any money to maintain your attraction or not, you will pay a price.

The cost to maintain the look of an attraction must be factored into your attraction purchase. LASERTRON has continuously invested significant dollars to design and create high quality molds and extrusions that allow us to create amazing LED-Illuminated arenas that look great for 20+ years.

“The new 12.5 game system is UNBELIEVABLE!! I really enjoyed playing the NEW game format Headquarters and getting in an intense workout at the same time. The LED-Illuminated arena is out of this world and is definitely a game changer in the overall experience for the players. Thanks again for raising the bar and being the pacesetter in the laser tag industry!”

-Ed Florian, Owner/Operator

Easy to Reconfigure and Update

LASERTRON arenas are the easiest arenas to reconfigure and update over time. As new arena components are created, they are designed to be compatible with existing components. New elaborate obstacle designs, center towers, sectors, and base stations can be modified or completely redesigned while reusing all your existing components.

LASERTRON LED-Illuminated Wall Lighting with Graphics and Decals vs Old Style Black Light UV Painted Walls

LASERTRON’s LED wall lighting, graphics, and decal designs dramatically enhance the overall look and feel of our LED-Illuminated arenas. Our LED wall lighting also interacts with game play events – such as changing to the color of the team that takes the lead, pre and end of game light shows, and much more.

Our Arena Bonus Targets are integrated into and enhance our LED Wall Lighting design. Most importantly, our Bonus Targets make our Arena Walls a part of the actual game experience.

Black light UV murals are static and can’t flash, pulse, or change colors.

LASERTRON’s new dynamic responsive arena becomes an integral part of the game in a way the old static black light arenas can never duplicate. LASERTRON’s new arena and game formats completely changes how laser tag will be played. In the future we will talk about the old static black light arenas the way we talk about Pong in the video game industry.”

-Peter Murphy, Owner/Operator

Low Maintenance

LASERTRON arenas require very little maintenance to keep them looking like new.

How does a LASERTRON LED-Illuminated Arena Save You Money?

With a LASERTRON LED-Illuminated arena, you don’t have to install black light fixtures and bulbs and all the extra electrical conduit and circuits. You save $1.50 to $3.00/sq.ft. of the total playing field size when you invest in a LASERTRON LED arena. If the total size of your playing field is 5,300 sq.ft., you can save up to $15,900 dollars.

With a LASERTRON LED-Illuminated arena, you save $20,000 to $40,000 every 4 to 6 years, because you don’t have to hire a professional artist to repaint all the wall murals and arena obstacles. If a UV painted arena isn’t touched up, the customers will notice the wear and tear more and more every year.

UV black light paint fades over time and so does the intensity of the black light bulbs. This causes the arena to get darker and darker. The fading of the UV paint and black light bulbs require black light arena operators to buy new black light bulbs every 2 to 3 years plus significant portions of the arena will need to be repainted to get the wall and obstacle paint to pop again.

We operate the longest running laser tag arena in the United States in our Buffalo, NY entertainment center. For 20+ years we designed and built arenas using Black Lights and UV reactive paint. We can still build you a Black Light arena, but we don’t suggest it. During the 20+ years we operated with a black light UV painted arena, we repainted our arena way too many times and replaced hundreds of black light bulbs. Many Black Light arena operators wait too long to make their arenas look good again, because it’s disruptive to repaint an arena that’s already open to the public AND it costs a lot of money.

We have done a lot of R&D and invested a lot of dollars to get our LASERTRON LED-Illuminated arenas to where they are today, but it was worth the price. Most importantly, we aren’t even close to finished and laser tag operators like you will continue to receive the ongoing benefits of owning a LASERTRON LED-Illuminated arena.

LED Vesting Racks

Additional Premium Upgrades

  • Enhanced and Deluxe LED Lighting Packages
  • Enhanced and Deluxe LED Towers
  • Enhanced and Deluxe Recharger/Re-Spawn Areas
  • Enhanced and Deluxe Sectors
  • Custom Facades

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